When Is the Best Time to Move Home?

July 19, 2018

Moving home, Hartford Moving, is stressful at the best of times, but there are a few things that you can do to make the move as easy as possible. What a lot of people don’t realize when they are moving home is that the timing of the move will affect how much it costs, and how easy it is too.

It’s best to try to allocate a full day to move. Get the removal van to arrive and pick up the boxes as early as possible, so that there’s plenty of time for them to ship them to the new house, and you can relax and unpack at the other side. You probably won’t have time to assemble all the furniture in one day, but you can get a lot done in a day.

Which day, though, is the question.

Ideally, you should pick a weekday. Monday to Thursday are days that are quieter for the removal companies so you’re more likely to be able to book someone, and will likely pay less. Most people plan their moves for the weekend because they have time off then. It may be that you have to do that too, but if you have holiday time available then it’s worth taking it and giving yourself a stress-free time to move, Last Minute Moving Company.

You could save money by moving mid-month, too. Renters will often move at the beginning of the month because this is when leases usually start and end. If you’re selling a property, then you aren’t beholden to leases, so you have more flexibility to pick a date.

The time of year matters, too. In America, around 62% of moves take place between May and September. This means that moving companies are over-booked. Families with school-aged children tend to use the summer as an opportunity to move without disrupting their child’s academic year. If you don’t have children, then try to move in the spring or the autumn, while the weather is pleasant and the removal companies are less busy. You’ll find that it is easier to book a van, and likely less expensive too.

Not everyone has the luxury of deciding exactly when to move, and if you’re stuck with having to move on someone else’s schedule then you will have to work around that. Hiring a full-service removal company that will pack your belongings for you then unpack them on the other side could go a long way towards taking the stress out of moving.